ho aspires to the hand of a girl like yourself. His father

Finding Balance Between Work and Life 在工作和生活中间找到平衡 After the illness, then death, of a close family friend within a much too short six week period of time, I began to ponder the fragility of life and the limited tim...

How To Balance Between Work and Study. we want to find ways to balance work and study. Here I will show you 4 ways to get your work and study balance. Firstly, you’d better focus on study or your work. Don’t waste your time on ...

My school life Hi!I'm HuBin ,a student of Class1,Grade7.At school,my teachers and classmates arevery friendly to me.My school life is very interesting. Class begin at 8:00 a.m.I have four classes in the morning and two classes ...



How To Find Balance Between Work and Life “Balance is beautiful.” - Miyoko Ohno, Japanese bridge designer I have a close friend named Norm who is a great photographer and a great person in general … recently he was telling me t...

《Consider Options》 《考虑其他的选择》 It is important to takethe time to consider our options and to evaluate the choices so that wehave time to work, time to play and time to make sure our life is asfulfilling as it can be. ...

ask u some questions like this: what is the most important to u? what is the aim of work? what is the aim of life?


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