厨房:kitchen ; cookhouse 短语 美女厨房 Beautiful Cooking ; Cooking Dash Deluxe ; Cooking Dash ; Women of the Kitchen 厨房内阁 Kitchen cabinet 可爱厨房 Lovely Kitchen 小厨房 kitchenette ; pullman kitchen ; Pentry room 厨房家具 ...


kitchen n. 厨房; 厨师; [例句]The can exploded, wrecking the kitchen and bathroom and blowing out windows 罐子爆炸了,不但炸毁了厨房和浴室,还把窗户炸飞了。

my kitchen is good,it has all the things I need, it has a freezer,it has a rice cooker,it has a stove,it has a sink,there are two windows.one window faces west the other window faces north,the door faces south.the kitchen is ke...

西餐厨房用具的英文:western kitchen utensils 厨具英语: pan 锅 frying-pan 煎锅 spatula (沙锅的)铲 stew-pan 煮锅 wok (圆底的)煎锅,沙锅(源自粤语) steamer 蒸锅 pressure-cooker 压力锅 electric rice cooker 电饭锅 earthenware cooking...

回答和翻译如下: kitchen 厨房。

你好。 kitchen supplies或者 kitchenware

1.厨房工具以及做菜的调料:The kitchen tool and the seasoning of the cooking 2.食用油:edible oil 3.盐:salt 4.调味汁,酱汁:sauce 5.醋:vinegar 6.辣椒: pepper 7.锅:pan,pot,boliler 8.勺:scoop 9.宫保鸡丁:Spicy diced chicken w...


[词典] kitchen; diet-kitchen; cuisine; cook house; [电影] The Naked Kitchen; [名] galley; cookroom;

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