Please confirm the delivery schedule below Shipment: 28 June 2010 速度回答,下面全抄我

1.打暑假工可以赠钱,还可以煅炼自己: 1.Play summer jobs to earn money, also can exercise own. 2.父母不让我打暑假工: 2. Parents don't allow me to play summer jobs. 希望采纳~~

1. 修改财务政策: 1. The modified financial policy: 2. 差旅费标准调整 2. Expense standard adjustment 3. 报销流程完善 3. Reimbursement process improvement 4. 报销表格完善 4. Submit an expense account form perfect 5. 为所有员工办...

Room 306, Domitory 120, East China University of Science & Technology, No.130, Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, P.R. China

Comprehensive treatment of Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine to control diabetes, blood sugar 2 Department of Endocrinology Observation combined with Western medicine comprehensive treatment to control diabetes, b...

when your system broke down just now,I was taking lockbox's chip, not only the chip couldn‘t take,but also my chip lost more than 500 million,can the manager come to help me deal with it?

Thanks for your support to our school , but I am extremely sorry that we have no arrangement of relative receipt lately

Please kindly see the quotation as attached. However, we have XX in our stock which you can see in the table as below. If you are in urgent need of XX, it is suggested that you choose XX (XX代表“它”的具体叫法) Even if our clien...

Attached is the invoice and packing list. We have been trying to book the vessel from June 7, but the forwarder doesn't give us the shipment date up till now. Please contact the specified forwarder ASAP for our arranging the de...

1.你不应该把你的CD放得太大声了 2.他想在暑假找一份兼职工作 3.这件衬衣很时尚,我想买它 4.我英语考试失败了,我很沮丧

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