你好,可标准翻译为:the worker of 这里可填上(暑假:summer holiday/vacation,寒假:winter holiday/vacation).或者直接不用就变为一般的了。满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!

英译文如下: Because I played a summer work.

小时工:hourly-paid worker假期工:Working holiday アルバイト 周末工:work at weekend アルバイトPS:在日本说暑假工就是【アルバイト】 只要不是正式工作,打临时工,都是用【アルバイト】

暑假去打工,去面试应自我介绍 1、首先,自已介绍的开头,应该先详细的介绍自己的姓名跟身份,如果有带简历的话,这时可以把简历递给面试官。 2、其次,简单的介绍下自己的工作经历跟之前所担任过的职位,切记,工作经历一定要注重讲重点,突出...

我同意中学生暑期应该打工 I agree that middle school students should work part-time during the summer vacation

Hello, everybody! I am glad to stand here and introduce myself. I am XXX and my English name is XXX. I am eleven years old. My birthday is on Christmas Day. I am a student of Grade 6, Class 1 of Ruhe New District Primary S...

我们公司的春节假期时间是1月27日到2月14日,2月15日正常工作,谢谢! Please note that our company's Spring Festival vacation is between Jan, 27 to Feb, 14 and will be resuming as of Feb 15. Thank you. 日期根据对方是欧洲公司还是美...

I'm wangNan,a student of No.1 Middle School. I have a gooa friend,Jim.He' an USA girl.We are both in Class Two,Grade Eight.She is 15 years old,one year older than me. We both study hard.I'm good at physices,but she's good at ma...

アルバイト—a ru ba i to 如果是学生打零时工的话,也可以简单说--バイト

My income from my vacation to my mother to support my family, because I know that she is a very hard worker.

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