On Saturday afternoon, my friends and I had a party on my house. Because it was too late, we didn’t clean the kitchen in time. The kitchen was messy. Everything was dirty. The bin was full. The sink was full, too. There were ma...


My kitchen is clean

The kitchen in my house is very big. There is a table in it. Under the table there are bowls and chopsticks. On the right is a fidge. And on the left there is a microwave oven and a pot. I like my kitchen. 自己写的,不是机器翻...

my kitchen having a wonderful kitchen has long been my dream,and now i've finally got one.i like it very much,it's beautiful although it is not very big.i always keep everything in my kitchen clean and tidy.i clean my kitchen c...

My kitchen is very big, there is a table, the table below is a table, the refrigerator, the microwave oven and cooking pots

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